What are all you vegans eating today or tonight for dinner?

Submitted by Xylanthius in Vegan

Right now I'm cooking a yellow split pea curry with a kabocha squash, potato, some veggies and some cruciferous veggies, and I'm going to eat that with spinach, romaine, and avocado and I am going to put some brown rice in the rice cooker.

What kinds of foods do you all eat for dinner?

Do you cook at home?

Earlier today I had a bowl of steel cut oats with ground flax seed and maca powder. For lunch, I had some mashed potatoes, a mango, and frozen banana ice cream.


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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I go through phases where I make the same thing for about three weeks then do something else.

Right now on an average day I make a big veggie fryup with some kind of bean involved that is enough for two meals, possibly eaten with rice or quinoa. I'll probably also have cereal, some fruit, and some nuts at least in the day.
Aside from that, the people I live with are often making food and offering me some, so whatever they're making.


buzz wrote

bit of a meme post but last night i had a toast sandwhich, i.e. a piece of toast in between two buttered pieces of bread

very good


Xylanthius wrote

Was it nut butter or earth balance?


buzz wrote

margarine, for some reason i call margarine butter


Xylanthius wrote

I've never had a straight up 'butter' sandwich before.


buzz wrote (edited )

butter - bread is moist,

unfilling, i had pasta

i am not healthy

i hope you enjoyed my haiku, have a nice day


pizzaiolo wrote

it's a bit chilly tonight so I'm having a big cup of black beans and dunking some bread on it 👍 great stuff


Pop wrote

I had some soup I made myself, and some chinese takeout


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote (edited )

today I had the best meal of the week! vegan pizza! (regular veggie pizza but with no cheeze)

it was even better because I didnt have to cook it myself, my parents made it :)

for luch I had hummus with tabbouleh and bread. I also ate mango as a desert.

my breakfast was store-bought cereals with almond milk.


raindropq wrote

i had an enormous bowl of greens today , mustards, kale, lettuces and pea-shoots topped with chopped chive flowers, and dressed with olive oil apple vinegar garlic..with a pine-nut hummus spread on toast. also been eating alot of walnuts lately but i'm not vegan , havent thought about dinner yet. been looking for my dang carkeys


ziq wrote

The same thing I eat every night, Pinky. Iceburg-tomato-cucumer-avocado-tahini-olives-chilli wraps.


Acererak wrote

WG pasta w/ shrooms, spinach, tomato sauce, olive oil, garlic salt, oregano, onion powder, pepper and daiya(fake mozzarella).