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childeofentropy wrote

hello. apart from being vegan i am also trying to live a garbage-free life in order to avoid big corp foods and polluting the planet even more, so i usually go shopping with my own bags and containers at small local places that sell unpackaged ingredients/foods. I avoid buying packaged if i have an alternative. and i usually tend to 'play' with recipes, so if i cannot find a specific (or expensive) ingredient i try to replace it with something else/similar that i like. I usually have my shopping list on a note app on my phone and use the same list, check things i have and uncheck when things are needed or add new ingredients now and then. I usually go grocery shopping every three or four days, because i like to have fresh stuff in the fridge (since i don't buy packaged), but it depends on the ingredient. e.g. onions i buy 5-6 once or twice per week, whereas tomatoes for tomato pulp or salads 5-6 every three days; rice 0.5kg once per week; legumes various in bigger quantities twice per month, bread daily, etc...