Raw Vegan or Cooked Vegan

Submitted by Xylanthius in Vegan

Over the last few years, I have teeter-tottered back and forth between raw vegan and cooked vegan.

While being a high carb raw vegan I notice great improvements in my energy levels as well as my mental states. I feel uplifted, and my complexion glows.

I don't notice that when I'm on cooked vegan. When I do cook vegan I notice that I feel a little sluggish, and I always want to eat more even though I'm full.

Is anyone on here raw vegan, or has anyone dabbled in the concept of raw vegan?

What kind of vegan are you?


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Pop wrote

It's hard enough being vegan, not much ethical pull to eating raw, I would not try it


Fossidarity wrote

I can see the benefits of eating raw-vegan but I'm not motivated enough to do that, the motivation I have to be vegan is political, environmental, compassion and for health reasons, but the only reason I can see to go raw is for health reasons.


kore wrote

I'm always confused about being a raw vegan... cooking and modern human anatomy clearly coevolved so I'm unsure why you would do it when our teeth are so small because of cooking.


Franz_trashka wrote

I do both depending on what season it is (it's hard getting fresh veggies during winter in new england). Doing raw vegan is very commendable but should only be done if you are buying veg that go above and beyond in safety. A few peeps at my local farmers market grow veg with compost and such, while others use less than safe fertilizer that I'm weary of and I cook with their produce. Depending on where you live and how your farmers operate ymmv.


Xylanthius OP wrote

It's hard to do when you live in the city..


Mecca1101 wrote

Why not incorporate raw with cooked?