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Pop wrote (edited )

vegan here

death to laws

bans are for liberals

some laws may do preferable things to others, this might be one

idgaf though


Cartoon_Cat wrote

I just want a world where eating animals is viewed in a similar way to eating humans.

There's very little benefit to eating meat/drinking animal secretions, and the evidence points to our current accepted diet as being harmful. I'd like meat eliminated, but I don't think a ban would really solve the problem. I want people to be free to make their own decisions, but to have the means to make better decisions.

Banning racism didn't stop racism, because it didn't teach anyone how racism works or why its fucking stupid, so there are still racists floating about wasting people's time. Banning meat wouldn't stop speciesism or stop people obtaining meat, much the same way that banning drugs doesn't stop people getting drugs.


pizzaiolo wrote

in principle, yes

in practice it would be a disaster


sudo wrote

5 year plan to get rid of meat production, along with propaganda to convince the general population that killing animals for meat is wrong. Fund research in lab-grown meat.