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bel793 OP wrote

That's not what I've been saying, but sorry I don't want to put bad blood between us, I can understand that it's not a choice in some places.

Just for the overwhelming majority of people, it's simply hard psychologically to not consume any animal products and not financially.

Bonne journée~


raindropq wrote (edited )

should we rather conform to an ethical diet under the choices proffered by sedentary capitalist industry? allow it to divert our potential course to its purpose?

we've endured countless millenia , wandering through deserts and grasslands , traversing forested mountains, following rivers and coastlines.. we can't possibly carry enough dried beans and nuts.

boycotting and shaming is ineffectual if we aren't seizing the means of produce. the overwhelming majority of people prefer to consume some animal products at least occasionally and provide for their children too. autonomous-collective, small farms allow for intimate familiarity and actual choice.sustenance lifestyle necessitates empathy / attention toward reciprocal dynamic. /