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Tequila_Wolf wrote

This mostly-vegan website has a lot of good food:

These guys are good too:

Don't forget about super lazy options like sandwiches (think pb and j), cereal with soymilk for breakfast.

When I cook I make a lot of asian-type food, tofu/veggie/rice, dahl, curries. You can get a whole lot of different veggies, fry them up with just some salt, pepper, paprika, and garlic if you like, then eat them with quinoa or rice.


nijntje wrote

Basically what others said—depends on what you like? I cook vegetarian, but ends up being vegan most of the time. fwiw if you feel like something you can usually end up looking online for "recipe vegan"

or cookbooks can be really useful


kore wrote

what do you like to eat?


WhereIsMyFreeStuff wrote

You can make great vegans meals easily from pretty basic ingredients. Try to stock up on various nuts, beans, lentils, grains and spices/ herbs (fresh herbs are great). Then get some tofu and whatever fresh produce you like.

I don't really cook according to recipes, so i just throw together whatever I feel like and its usually pretty good. I just try to buy variety so it doesn't get boring.

I usually don't have breakfast, but you can also make your own spreads if you can't get any at the store. Just cook and blend some veggies with fresh herbs or nuts.