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Tequila_Wolf wrote

Very easily, especially if you're overrelying on bread/pasta/potatoes out of inability to cook or lack of imagination or whatever.


mofongo wrote

I did not explained it myself right, my intention is to gain weight not prevent it.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

look at vegan bodybuilder channels such as john venus, also patrick baboumiam. Also there are loads of "bodybuilding as a vegan" articles and stuff on google.

I dont really look into these stuff so I cant really assert what they say, but anyway they've got info.


ConquestOfToast wrote

What kind of weight are you trying to gain?


mofongo wrote

For the first 10-15 pounds I'm interested in fat, after that muscle strength primarily to regain mobility and basic strength until reaching my ideal weight.


Infinity wrote

You can gain weight super easy only eating vegan food. Vegan food is not somehow a magical antidote that defies biology. Don't sumo wrestlers mostly eat lots and lots of rice?

Vegans come in every size. weight loss and gain is simple math. :-)


braketheboxes wrote

It comes down to energy intake vs energy expenditure. It can be done.


boringskip wrote

I mean you can crank down protein and carbs super easy