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kore wrote (edited )

yeah tbh i see soymilk as more of a special occasion thing as something to put in my cereal every day. I for one love oatmeal. You could make oatmeal instead, with water. Whole grains have a fair amount of protein in them so if you eat oatmeal instead of like, processed corn flakes you can make up for the protein that you missed by using water instead of soymilk. I guess a lot of people see oatmeal as kinda bland but you can put stuff like peanut butter, cinnamon, maple syrup, raisins/other dried fruit, sunflower seeds, etc. in it to make in really yummy. Also a pinch of salt helps a lot flavor-wise.

protein: beans, peanut butter (look for one with just peanuts in the ingredients), whole grains. nuts and seeds too but those can be a bit expensive.

also don't forget to eat fat which I usually get from olive oil. peanut butter and nuts and seeds too.

if you want cheap, you have to buy produce/rice/beans and cook it yourself. here are some meals/snacks that I have:


Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce (put veggies in it too! I like carrots and onions and mushrooms). Also buying plain diced/crushed tomatoes and then putting in dried oregano/salt/pepper/garlic is probably cheaper than buying premade and I think it tastes better too.

stir fry (rice and vegetables)

lentil soup

apples with peanut butter

making a big pot of beans and then putting it in your fridge gives you some protein to any meal you want (like stir fry for example). beans take a really long time to cook so I tend to do it in bulk.

also i've found that you can make anything delicious with the right seasonings, so don't be afraid to use spices liberally (if there is an indian grocery store in your area they will probably have cheap spices). Also i eat onion and garlic with almost every dinner (both of which are pretty cheap).

also, nutritional yeast is dope, but it can take a bit to get used to the flavor.

being vegan is so fun, vegetables are amazing and cooking is a great hobby. A lot of people sort of shy away from cooking because of the amount of time it takes but it's honestly a good way to get away from the internet.