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ziq wrote

I've been thinking about this. If I had no way to get B12 without exploiting miners - then I think I'd be okay with eating mussels if I only had to do it a couple times a year.

Mussels are one of the better sources for vitamin B-12, with one serving providing more vitamin B-12 than you need each day. Each 3-ounce serving of cooked mussels contains 20.4 micrograms of vitamin B-12, which is 8.5 times the recommended dietary allowance for most adults of 2.4 micrograms per day.

You'd need to eat several portions of the mussels to get the equivalent of a 500mcg Methycobal injection.

If you took the B12 supplement orally, you'd need to take it on a regular basis (probably daily) to get the adequate levels.

With injections you really only need it twice a year unless you're already severely deficient, in which case you get an injection once a day for a week, then once a month until you've recovered.

It looks like minute amounts of cobalt are used to create B12 supplements, while the majority of it is used in manufacturing superalloys. Meaning you'd do far more harm buying a car, a battery or anything else that has a cobalt alloy in it than you would by getting a Methycobal injection twice a year.

But Methycobal injections are actually very scarce, I know it's not sold in the US at all because I post it to my partner there whenever she needs it. So if your only 2 choices are between: daily oral B12 supplements that are created by exploiting miners - and mussels a few times a year, I think mussels might make more sense.