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ziq wrote (edited )

This isn't medical advice so please don't emulate me - I've been veg most of my life, raw vegan for a decade. I've never needed supplements. I get my B12 from eating unwashed greens that I grow myself.

All animals produce B12 that is released in their fecal matter. The greens have bug poo on them, and I also grow them in manure, which I guess splashes onto the leaves.

We also secrete B12 in all our bodily fluids, including from our genitals... Oral sex is good for you.

I forage for a lot of my food and eat it as I'm picking it. There are often bugs on the food or inside it if it's fruit. I guess both are sources of B12.


dele_ted wrote

eating unwashed greens that I grow myself.

This is the dream. Being able to grow my own vegetables and fruit, not organic, but biodynamic. Just the thought of being able to supplement my shitty, watered down supermarket supply with stuff grown in my own biodynamic garden gives me a wide smile and a warm heart.

You make me a little jealous, ziq.