How to respond politely to (I would be vegan but I just love x too much)?

Submitted by kore in Vegan

When I hear people say "I just love cheese too much to be vegan" I want to say something like "I just love groping too much to ask for consent." People would get fucking pissed though and it would probably be counterproductive. There's the other option of saying something like "I just think about what it would be like to be forcefully impregnated, have my child taken, and then my milk stolen and profited off of and I suddenly don't like it so much"

Is there any polite way to combat statements like these? Or do I just have to care about the cows more than making enemies with people I interact with regularly?



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My3rdAccout wrote

I usually say "so why not be 95% vegan and eat only cheese from animals". I've never had any counter argument, and people usually walk away or change subject, I'm not sure if it really works.


ziq wrote (edited )

A look that conveys: 'yeesh' is about all the strength I'm willing to muster. There's nothing you can do to stop someone from oppressin if they have their minds set on it. Anyone that responds to "why aren't you vegan?" with "because I love how dead piggies taste" isn't worth the energy to engage with.


priestofazathoth wrote

I just tell them that I also love the taste of cheese, people don't go vegan because of how much they hate cheese, they do it because they think doing the right thing is more important than getting to eat one food item, however delicious. I guarantee that if I, of all people, can give up cheese, then so can you.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

Similarly, I usually say something like, "I had the same thing with cheese!" and leave it to them to put the two and two together on the word 'had'.