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Thereunto wrote

It would be interesting to see corrections in the data based on socio-economic factors. It would also be interesting to see corrections based on types of meat consumed (fish v. red)

E.g. a lower-class family living remotely near the arctic circle is less likely to be vegetarian based on the extreme price and scarcity of fresh produce. Lower-class people may also have poorer health in general based on a number of factors/stressors.


biomancer wrote

A lot of poorer people can't afford Vegan diets so it may be difficult to get such data perhaps.


Cartoon_Cat wrote (edited )

Poorer people can't afford to cook decent meals because of the time cost. Poorer people can't afford to educate themselves on nutrition or seek out quality ingredients because of the time cost.

Once the above conditions are achievable, a vegan diet is incredibly cheap, and significantly better value nutritionally.

It's very important we drop the myth that vegan diets are expensive. Most vegans don't eat substitute meats or cheeses as a staple of their diet, nor do they eat avocado toast every morning...

ed: even if a vegan diet was slightly more expensive (it definitely isn't) - surely the savings on healthcare would be worth the investment?


biomancer wrote

My point was that the set of meat eaters likely contains more poor people and that may skew the data due to other poverty related causes of higher blood pressure i.e. stress.

As far as savings on healthcare you can't spend money you don't have in order to gain savings in the hypothetical future.


Cartoon_Cat wrote

Very good point on healthcare I didn't fully think that through.

I also agree with you in general that poorer people will struggle to afford to eat a vegan diet, but wanted to clarify for other readers that the expense isn't the cost of the food itself.


glitter_v0id wrote

you are seriously under valuing the time and education costs, along with the suggestion of spending money you dont have for potential future savings.