What are your thoughts on GMO foods (or GMOs in general)?

Submitted by Nikki in Vegan (edited )

It is my understanding that the left generally speaking isn't opposed to the idea of GMOs themselves, but oppose the business and its practices themselves (as with any business).

I suppose my question to you guys would be, under our current system do you think it would be better to stick with GMO foods or to switch to organic foods?


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tnstaec wrote

It's mostly being pushed by corporate interests under false pretenses. There's enough food in the world for everyone; it's inefficient distribution under capitalism that starves people. Even the discourse around the science is being intentionally muddied by Monsanto, Cargill, Syngenta, etc. Might be a reasonable technology for a sensible society to pursue, but not this one.


HugeChessBrain wrote

I haven't seen any compelling evidence that eating GMOs is unhealthy, and I am not informed enough to judge the environmental impacts of growing GMO crops. Personally, I prefer to eat less GMOs just to avoid supporting GMO pushing corporations that exploit farmers such as Monsanto. I doubt me personally choosing an organic product has much impact on such corporations, so this choice is more based on principle than any practical influence it may have.

With all that said, eating organic is just too expensive for me to afford. In Canada food is already expensive without eating organic. I'll get the organic product if it is of similar quality and price, but otherwise I don't eat organic.


selver wrote (edited )

I don't trust corporations at all so I don't really like the use of them. But I'm no scientist.

On the other hand, I don't really care. The effects of eating one or the other are probably pretty negligible. I still eat fast food, so obviously GMOs are the least of my dietary worries lol.

Monsanto and their cadre of professional reddit commenters are creepy though.


Nikki wrote

I know enough about the science behind GMOs to know that it isn't much different from what we've been doing since the very beginning.

Is there any definite proof that Monsanto employs so many shills on a relatively small site like Reddit? I'm not saying there aren't any, but knowing Reddit's obsession with 'le logic and reason', isn't it a possibility that they are just misguided?


selver wrote

They are either paid shills or have a mental illness. There are accounts that spend all day, for years, searching "Monsanto" and "GMO" on reddit and replying to every negative comment about them, no matter how obscure the subreddit.


Nikki wrote (edited )

I see. I haven't been involved in very many discussions on GMOs on Reddit, so I didn't realize it was that bad.


fturco wrote

I'm not opposed to GMO plants, but as a vegan I'm obviously opposed to GMO farm animals. Moreover I don't like "proprietary" GMOs. DNA code should be free as in freedom, just like computer software.


Ciderbat wrote

Organic tastes better, but being a vegan cook, I can't afford organic [or paying bills on time or anything really...]