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lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I've seriously thought about drinking dirty water in small quantities to build up immunity. So then I could drink dirty pond water to get b12 and DHA/EPA. But honestly the risk of subjecting oneself to so many water based illnesses is very risky. Even if you have a good immune system many people in the 3rd world don't get immune to dysentary and stuff like that. Its hard to get around the fact that just being in a densly populated area drinking untreated water is incredibly dangerous. And if you treat it you loose b12.


kore wrote

Ive always thought gary yourofsky's approach to b12 to be pretty appealing


lettuceLeafer OP wrote (edited )

I don't find it appealing. He links 3 secondary sources. So I checked the evidence of said secondary sources. For the first one both sources werent working so I couldn't fact check.

For the second source of McDougal claims B12 is created in mouth and intestines. I check source and it only ever is produced in intestine so no evidence for mouth

And the third source claims a anatomy and physiology textbook from 1999 claims that B12 is absorbed in intestine. And get this then claims that almost everyone can't absorb B12 because if they consume even a little bit of mustard, onion or garlic they can't absorb B12 without advanced nutrients work to fix their intestines which just don't work if u eat a tsp of garlic.

And get this, the man who sited this absolute weirdo clearly didn't read it either since he advocates for eating garlic which literally claims he can't reabsorb B12 in intestine.

My bet is he eats nutritional yeast wit B12 synthetically added and doesn't know. Or is in an area where u can get B12 naturally due to dirty food prep.

So one source can't be verified the other maybe proves it but at the end still says taking a B12 supplement is a good idea. And the 3rd source which claims adaptt won't be able to absorb B12.

Idk I'd use wild sources of b12 and check levels oftwn or supplement. I have yet to see any reliable ways to prevent B12 deficiency without supplements. As I have yet to find evidence that B12 in intestines is absorbed enough to be enough and have no evidence it's made in the mouth either. And from random foods is too unreliable for me to advocate for.


ziq wrote

i've tried to grow duckweed so many times but it always died because it's too hot here


SuspectFrosty wrote

I take a multivitamin and have had unrelated health issues so I’ve been getting frequent blood tests, my b12 hasn’t decreased over 3 years, is this common to certain people only?