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Friends of family at my family's family dinner, I was the only vegan at the table (of course).

Dinner started with them patting each other on the back for using stools that supposedly reduce strain when they climb onto the horses when one of them went horse riding.

Hunter guy was talking how he talked to a vegan activist in front of the vegan activist's stand for 20 minutes and "forgot" the vegan was vegan and offered to bring him a sausage next time he met him. Everyone laughed. (Ok so we agree it's not possible to forget in this case, say you're talking about the nuances of casher/halal diet with a Muslim/Jew u can't just offer them porc 1 min later: the only explanation is that you're an evil piece of shit, right?).

Later that meal hunter guy talked about hunting (apparently they throw the bones and skin back in the forest after taking the flesh?) and how accidents only happen a few times a year and it's just inevitable. I asked him his thoughts on the new regulation that bans people from hunting when drunk and he replied that he didn't know any hunter that drank except that one farmer who hunts with him completely shit faced, and also that they all drank, but only after the hunt and that the law was much more complicated than that and bad for hunters but he never told us how (and everyone agreed with him).

Then he complained about how hunters were hated and discriminated online and I told them that they weren't. And the whole table looked at me and asked me to explain myself because they'd seen environmentalists bully hunters on Facebook and told me both sides need to chill...

And knowing that hunters kill people every year, use public land as if it were their own, destroy ecosystems by feeding their game and keeping their numbers up while killing pests (read foxes), steal environmental grants from people who do real ecology, get their boots swallowed by politicians each election cycle in the form of laws that protect them, send death threats to environnementalists on social media (while having the means to act on them)... No hunters aren't "hated" or discriminated against...

Well everyone was looking expectantly at me (with their dead body in their plates, which means they would side with hunter guy no matter what I say) and him posting himself as a victim of "hate" while being so obviously privileged put me on the spot and made me so angry I couldn't think or say anything except to repeat myself that I didn't believe him to be hated by anyone (which he isn't, the average environmentalist hardly hates hunters, they're just scared of being shot at) and that we'd never agree so it's best to move on to another subject. I was so angry my lips were twitching but according to Google it's also a sign of anxiety (probably both, it's the first time this has happened to me) and everyone kinda agreed to move over because I'd just froze the atmosphere and was obviously not chill.

So anyway I feel eligible to the "crazy angry leftists YouTube compilation" badge (although I wasn't plastered everywhere on the internet, phew).

I didn't talk much for the rest of the night and didn't stay late. Also I'll finally be a true vegan (tm) and volunteer at my local vegan organization so that I can never be put on the spot ever again. Also out of spite because fuck you hunter guy and fuck you my corpse munching family.



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lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

I actually really wanted to hide in camo in hunting season with a rifle and kill people who tresspassed on my 5 acres of wetland. But its in a piece of shit blue state so I'm not allowed to kill people who barge onto my property with a weapon on the intent to steal and destroy my stuff. I know hunters come on their often because a piece of shit openly has a hunting stand on someone elses property nearby so he can shoot the deep living on my land. They also love littering beer cans on my property too. And I literally can't do anything about them coming onto my land, littering and kill the deer. I fucking hate liberals. At least conservatives would let me kill hunters.

And like hunters actually make people unsafe too. My dad would refuse to go get firewood on his property in hunting season do to drunk people misfiring being so prevalent. He actually got a bullet hole in his driver side door from a hunter.


capitan wrote

You could fire a warning shot way over their heads. Oops I mean fire at the deer you definitely saw behind them. Just make sure that you are well hidden and that they don't see where you shoot from. If they fire back, you can use the ol' self defense excuse, right?


moonlune OP wrote (edited )

Oh yeah hunters aren't allowed in private land here since 2001. That's the only recent anti-hunting law I've found. The one about not hunting drunk hasn't even been approved yet.


lettuceLeafer wrote

oh hunters aren't allowed on private land. It doesn't mean anything to me since I don't call the cops. And even if I did call the cops too like to get drunk and tresspass armed so they wouldn't change anyone unless they made something up about me hah