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A_Fool wrote

I can't imagine that ever working, unless the oversimplification is just for marketing.

As I'm sure people are aware, animals don't just produce milk for no reason.


asterism wrote

100% oversimplification for marketing.I am an ex-christian (not a catholic) and I sat through tons of pitches for donating goats among other things.

Charity isn't supposed to be well thought out (there are some Christians groups that do think it through but as a whole this is true). Charity is primarily meant to serve the giver. and it serves the giver in a couple ways. One you finally don't have to feel bad about all those people you try really hard not to think about because hey you did your part you sent them a goat. Two you probably get points with God so maybe some good stuff will come your way because you are so damn generous. Three, and this is related to point one, there is nothing like a good deed to alleviate the guilt from all that sinning you have been doing lately.


A_Fool wrote

alleviate the guilt from all that sinning

That's just weird.

"I'm lusting over my neighbour, which is creeping them out. A goat will fix it!"

"I can't control my temper, and no one wants to be around me. A goat will fix it!"

"My devoted following of my idol, leaves me blind to different perspectives. A goat will fix it!"

"And the Lord said to Cain, Go to the land on the other side of the river, and when you find people there, you will give them your goat. Then you will be absolved."


lettuceLeafer wrote

Yeah it such a ridiculous plan. Even if they got several goats it wouldnt last that long as you can only inbreed livestock so long. I mean like everything it's a process of having the biological father breed their daughter then his granddaughter and in 6 years time or even less the father will have bread his great grand daughter. As u can see animal husbandy requires one to switch out males for breeding frequently.

The smart thing is to eat the goats. The papacy are either fools here or just sell this lie knowing it won't work for PR which will work bc the public is not very good at thinking for oneself.