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lettuceLeafer wrote

The above is how I'd like to see them go out because of the way we bred cows to have painfully large udders they're more likely to get mastitis infection and die, so sometimes milking will be necessary.

U can't b vegan and want to milk cows. This is just wanting to own cows and ur slaves but in an uwu nice way. They don't need to be milked bc one the milk comes out even if u don't milk the and the fucking caves drink it dipshit.

So we can't even let them roam far in fully wild habitat with wolves around without having to train dogs to save most of them with big spikes round their neck, so some calves, wolves and dogs would still be getting killed for dumb reasons.

Oh fuck off. The criticism I gave above is even more true and this is an even more bullshit argument. Fucking uwu I'm so nice snowflakes who pretend to be anti oppression but in reality just Wana be oppressors in a uwu nice may. Own the fuck up shit u wanna do or don't advocate slavery. At least u won't be a fucking coward who can't even admit to themself their I tentions. Fucking snowflakes who can't accept reality I swear.

Towards the very end there will be a burden put on animal sanctuaries to take in lots of animals and for governments to write laws to say the farmer has to turn their farm into a sanctuary to save the few remaining animals, like how there is a burden put on rescuers today with some battery farmed chickens allowed to be rescued after their egg laying numbers drop, while others get killed for pet food, to save the farmer the bother of transporting them to slaughter and sometimes not cutting even.

Animals sanctuaries fucking make me sick. U don't like the consequences of animals not being humans property but u also don't want the consequences of them being free so u gotta create an elaborate plot to keep them ur slaves and deprive them of their freedom to follow their dreams. Fucking nasty liberals I swear


Ishkah OP wrote (edited )

They don't need to be milked bc one the milk comes out even if u don't milk the and the fucking caves drink it dipshit.

Metabolic pressure from high milk yield is found to be a causative factor in Mastitis, Lameness, Metritis and other reproductive disorders. One recommended solution is to select and feed for lower yield.

Cows haven't gotten any bigger and yet we've selected for massive udders and massive milk yields. I couldn't parse if you thought cow milk would just spring forth from the udder even if there was no-one there to pull on the teat, cow or human, but if so, no that doesn't happen. And even if you thought calves could happily drink all this extra high yield milk despite not being bred to need it, what if all the calves died or not enough calves survived to feed from multiple cows, what then? I think humans can play a positive healthcare role in the same way First Nations people used to go out and mercy kill injured bears despite risk to themselves, we can rehabilitate and release wild animals, and we can look after domesticated animals health care needs because we were the ones that gave them these deformities.

Fucking snowflakes who can't accept reality I swear.

If you shot a bison with a magic domesticating and infantilising dart out in the wild, and made it easier prey for predators, I think the character virtuous decision would be to protect them from predators and attend to their healthcare needs.

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lettuceLeafer wrote

Dog, I've spent hundred of hours with cattle. Its not critical thinking to rule out what u have been taught, what I have done and experienced and red bc some Redditor told me I was wrong with no sources.