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zoom_zip wrote

before i was vegan i had a normal penis

now that i’m vegan i’ve cut it off and replaced it with a chainsaw

anyone else experience this?


bloodrose wrote

That's not how boobs work.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Normally I would assume someone with boobs would know more on this topic. Though in fairness I get the idea that this man has spent lots of time staring at people's boobs in public creeping people out so he might know more than u. /J


bloodrose wrote

lol fair point. To be honest, I know a man who is sooo into boobs, he does know waaay more than me about boobs. I mentioned something about the shape of someone's breasts and he was like that shape is called "x" whatever x was and I was just like mouth agape and then he was like "I have a thing for the boobs." okay... fair lol

And I did have a LOT of milk as a kid and now have comically large boobs.


ikk wrote

I'm sure it's possible to just ingest growth hormones directly instead of having to get it by feeding it to others and then killing and eating them. Now, if it was only some dude trying to grow his own body, but so sad what he is forcing on his "stubborn" partner.

except organs.

Unusual to see carnists referring to organs as organs. Like, she's not eating livers and hearts and brains?