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Naokotani wrote

Oh we can be a bit happier by eating meat? What if we start shooting infants out of canons? maybe we can be REALLY happy if we do that!


000 OP wrote

Have you ever read such bullshit?


__deleted_____ wrote

Why does it say the vegans in the study eat offal? So weird.


000 OP wrote

Men classed as vegetarian had a “lower consumption of sausages, burgers, meat pies, meat, poultry, liver and white fish”

Yeah, not vegetarians at all!

And a higher proportion of vegans reported eating red meat than those who called themselves vegetarians, 72 per cent versus 4.7 per cent.

Yeah, definitely not vegans if they eat red meat.

This article is giving me brain cancer. I just can’t...


chaos wrote (edited )

But if we're being completely honest, it makes sense that people who care about stuff and want to do no harm would get sad about stuff, while people who take delight in taking another being's life for their dining pleasure wouldn't care about all the bad shit that happens in the world.