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Have you ever been offered an insect based meal and if you were would u take up the offer to eat some bugs?

Personally I think I would be open to the experience and I would also be interested to know which bugs might be a nice choice to learn to gather in my local area.

From an environmental perspective I would think eating bugs would be sustainable though I don't much like the idea of breeding bugs in close proximity or making them suffer unnaturally. Generally I'd like to allow bugs to live a bugs life. But maybe we should be eating some bugs sometimes what do u think?



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existential1 wrote

I eat bugs all the time. I grow my own food so sometimes it takes way more effort than ibwould ever expend to get rid of all the tiny bugs on leaves. For example, when i make vegan kale pesto, if the kale is at a certain point in its lifecycle there will likely bw some aphids on it. Aphids are so hard to get rid of. Trying to scrape them just makes them explode on the leaf. Putting the leaf in water doesnt do shit, they just stick to it. So aphids are in my pesto too. I honestly dont think twice about it.

Now would i go out of my way to farm insects...absolutely not. I hardly even "farm" the shit i grow. I put the seeds down a few years ago and nurtured them the firdt year...and they reproduce themselves at least twice a year now with me doing absolutely nothing.

Insect farms sound like toxic civ to me, honeatly.


86944 wrote

If I was starving, yes. At present, no.


Tequila_Wolf wrote

I don't mind eating bugs, but I'm fine with sticking to plants.

Eating bugs is as unsustainable as anything if it becomes commonplace. Mopane worms are overforaged in some places and it can make them extinct.


MHC wrote

Sure, I've tried fried locust.


rot wrote

I'll basically eat anything. me being vegan has more to do with environmental impact although i don't like the idea of eating mammals like pigs or cows