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gone_to_croatan wrote

I will leave veganism soon as I have my photosynthetic mitochondria implanted


ziq wrote

i'm sure they'll cook them on the same grills as the beef so no vegan is gonna give a shit


moonlune wrote

fuck I knew I should have bought stocks :(


grey_jedi wrote

This would be ok news if meat products sold/consumed at these chains actually decreased, but it'll probably give them a larger vegan and vegetarian customer base that they haven't had previously.


yam OP wrote

If these junk food shacks start to sell genuinely vegan menus then I'll permit myself to be cautiously optimistic. Currently so many people have zero clue what veganism even is, so I find it encouraging to see veganism becoming mainstream. I'm interested to see how these burgers will be advertised. They can't really call them cruelty-free because that would be admitting that the rest of their menu is cruel. If they fry them on the same grills as the carcasses, like the Rebel Whopper, then it's a non-starter. Once the vegan population reaches 5%, we'll tear all the slaughterhouses down.



So long as the working class can't afford vegan food, we're not paying extra for disgusting fake meat.


crime wrote

If they start including gender neutral -- er, gender info moved to the bottom of the box -- Potato Head french fries with the vegan option, I'll be first in line. #BeTheChange!


bloodrose wrote

That's over-priced. I usually see them for $8 for a 2-pack. That's $4/burger. Add a pack of buns at $1 for 8 buns plus condiments, you're looking at $4.25 per burger. That's fast food pricing right there. If you can afford McDonald's, you can afford Beyond Burgers. If you can't afford McDonald's, you're probably not in the market for a Beyond Burger, either.