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existential1 wrote (edited )

Reply to comment by moonlune in Vegan Means Attack - Flower Bomb by Pax

Towards the clickbait end, I mean, all of the scientific theories of everything are just clickbait as well. As I hope I've explained well enough to this point, until we have an ability to more effectively communicate with other beings, we'll never be able to affirmatively prove or disprove sentience in non-human form. I believe it's a lot more scientific to keep an open mind about it and say, "We don't and can't know yet so I choose to assume..." the positive or negative. I don't view our current discourse and inquiry into plants in this manner all that different than what science thought about Black people as late as 1900...which is that we lacked some basic features that define humanity. Of course the science was wrong, but if one wanted to appeal to science at the time, they'd have to concede to the contrary.

I say that to say, science is not infallible, and sometimes it outright denies common sense because is itself a human endeavor that cannot escape the faults of its practitioners. If society at large chooses to belittle other forms of life to justify wat it eats, scientists will find logical reasoning to justify it. That is the history of science, unfortunately. It has the promise to be more, but in reality it rarely is. And like I said, I love science...but I also accept the limits of it.

EDIT: Here's a good book that may help if I'm not being clear about the fact that science itself is not infallible and there are many things that we know it cannot answer: