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ruin wrote

So what does that leave? Conscious acknowledgement that something must die for us to live. The thing that died no doubt wanted to live. It did not want to be consumed. It wanted to produce offspring so that they may live just as most living things do. But living is a choice that means someone else has to die for those of us who can't photosynthesize. That is the burden of living for us. To build mental boundaries around what can and can't feel or what can and can't have a desire to live is a result of cowardice to accept the responsibility that your own survival depends on the murder of others. That is just the truth.

Very well said. I’d go back a bit further that the burden begins with the incredibly anthropocentric notion that the universe gives a fuck about our decisions or actions one way or the other.


existential1 wrote

I agree. In using that framing, I'd argue that in a sense we're all actors who get to choose how we play. And a lot of people choose to build mental structures that support a tremendous amount of guilt and/or accountability avoidance through feigned ignorance.