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ziq wrote

Why do plants have to die to feed you? You don't need to kill a plant to harvest its fruit or seed, and even greens grow back after you harvest them.


existential1 wrote (edited )

Oh they don't in-general. I know how you harvest :) And we've spoken about how I let my greens overwinter after they go to seed and they grow new heads from the old growth of the previous year and I harvest some there without ever killing anything. But we both know that you and I are exceptions to the rule that most people tend to completely dig up any cruciferous vegetable they harvest (or the farm-worker does).

There's definitely a spectrum to it though when it comes to fruit/nuts. For example, with many fruits we could say that the seeds are what are "alive" in some state, whether dormant or not, while the body is not. For example, we generally eat the bodies of apples and avocados and not the seed. The seed would be the thing living in a very loosely termed state of suspended animation. But if we mishandle the seed(s) by throwing them in the trash or in somewhere they can't grow, then we've effectively killed the ones that didn't die en-route to us. Other creatures tend to eat these sorts of things and poop the seed and the seed grows. We generally don't fulfill that role as we (again, most people) don't let our poop hit the soil and generate new life. No, we send the seed to die a watery death.

Similarly, with nuts, those are most definitely things living in a state of suspended animation. The trees that produce them generally know that most will not survive, so they create a lot of them at once. But that in and of itself is evidence that the tree knows that mass murder is occurring on some level and attempts to account for it. As I said in my original post, I believe we should eat these things not because they aren't alive or don't have a desire to live, but because they are the most capable of dealing with our eating of them on a large scale. It's a form of harm reduction.