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crabs OP wrote (edited )

It’s unreasonable how this vegan forum has so many non-vegans. It must be because it’s featured to new users..?


bloodrose moderator wrote

Crazy is an ableist term. I believe what you were trying to say is it was surprising or hard to believe. Please edit your comment to convey your meaning without ableism.


crabs OP wrote (edited )

I have updated my comment. Thank you for using this moment to educate me rather than being rude. :^)


lastfutures wrote (edited )

It's because this is a small site where most users just comment on whatever comes up on /f/all.


ruin wrote

That’s what I tend to do. If it looks interesting I’ll engage. I don’t typically even look at what forum it’s in.

Is this bad form? I’m new to this stuff and not up on the etiquette side of things.


lastfutures wrote

No, that's what most people do. It's how the site's supposed to be used.


___A wrote

In some ways i'd say if something becomes used in a way enough that becomes the way it is supposed to be used, i've found that this is one of the more polite corners of the internet, and while im interested in picking up the social ettiquite here a bit more before activly posting, it does seem like whatever is going on here is working and posts do generate pretty healthy conversation generally. Although i would say that a few comments here rubbed me the wrong way, unlike in other forums where i feel responding to things in a caustic way as i do on the corporate platforms, i feel like most posts here are done in good faith and so deserve more thoughtfull replies...


existential1 wrote

Yeah, the term "vegan" seems to be something people feel inclined to speak on irrespective of their engagement with the set of ideas the identity proposes on a day-to-day basis.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Just because I don't adhere to your version of food morality (that is seemingly being used to gate keep) does not mean I can't engage with vegan centered ideas and practices. Expecting perfection from people is a good way to alienate those that might have otherwise been open to whatever you're peddling. I eat vegan on most days. Is that not enough on a planet full of meat eaters?


crabs OP wrote (edited )

Animals aren’t ours to use for any reason. Vegans don’t have “cheat days”.


yam wrote (edited )

I have sometimes after going vegan, eaten pastries from the bin that may not have been perfectly vegan. I think there's a difference between grabbing a jelly donut from the rubbish, even though might have egg in it, and then sticking your teeth in someone's cadaver. "Cheat bin cake"?


edmund_the_destroyer wrote

You are morally correct, but it's important to remember we should be seeking a vegan planet and not a vegan club.

The goal isn't to make the omnivores feel like shit, it's to convince them to change.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Veganism has a precise definition, refusing to dilute its meaning isn't "gatekeeping".

You'd be right to say that you follow a plant-based diet most of the time.


RichOldWhiteMan wrote

I would appreciate it you would refrain from using ableist language in place of negative descriptions. Thanks