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monday wrote

I think regular people don't know/care to know what plants based diet means. How many times I have been offered tuna salad as a veggie option..


emma wrote

Vegan ass cheese hasn't caught up to the standards of meat substitutes.


existential1 OP wrote (edited )

I don't know any vegan cheeses that are tasty and arent analogous to "artisenal" real cheeses in price. A lot of ingredients are just pricey as hell in bulk. Particularly cashews and mold cultures.


emma wrote

The stuff I've found at the supermarket ranges from awful tasting to almost making me sick. I agree with OP that homemade cheese replacements are great.

This is just my experience, of course.


ziq wrote

im sure they grill them on the same grill as the beef too


mofongo wrote

I hate how american fast food culture of huge meat and cheesy monstrosity have permeated my country's fast food culture. because 1, I want something I can eat in one sitting and 2, that much cheese causes strains in my relationship.


86944 wrote

Because vegans aren't their intended market.


infocom6502 wrote

Not everyone is vegan. I really dislike vegan cheese. That being said non-vegan processed "cheese" isn't really cheese. It's a mix of some cheese along with toxins, most notably about 3% of it is alum.


deadresonance wrote

Indeed, the only way to "go vegan" is to completely remove oneself from the entire food production system of neoliberal markets. But if you've constructed a way to bypass capitalism's stranglehold on food production and distribution, why would you identify as a consumer with a label like "vegan" anyway? Maybe you want to eat the eggs your chickens produce, or eat their meat once they die a natural death, without having to self-flagellate over the moral implications of a now-irrelevant critique of the food system's abuses?

Well, maybe if one is anarcho-moralist, one wants to do that. How else will one get off?


keez wrote

A person on reddit claimed he only bought meat from local farmers (or rather something called "reko-ring").

When I asked if he never ate hamburgers, pizza or hotdogs he got angry and started name calling me.

Cool username btw


keez wrote

I wasnt being super serious, but its hard to know online. You're completely right tho, was meant as a tongue in cheek

tbh I (mostly) don't care what other people do in general, so I don't care for moralising either