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Tequila_Wolf wrote

I'd actually been wondering about this! Glad someone did some of the thinking for me.


Xylanthius wrote

This is a great article!

I always like to put hummus, sprouts, and an avocado in my sandwich. I think it adds a great texture, and hummus goes really nice with bread as well as just about everything. I like how the hummus gets caught up in the sprouts. Then I put in all the veggies.

I've never thought of these ideas though. :-)


raindropq wrote

sprouts. yes! sprout everything. i have a little stack of tray on the windowsill to which i add some seeds and water everyday, the water drips down through and the greens sprout bursting out and i just shove them in my mouth. though yes , sandwiches are really good. and sprouting the garbanzos makes the Hummus alive, and sprouted Sunflower seeds give the sandwich a crunch and a nice bitterness.. also i really like to sprout almonds and other nuts before eating them. Sprouts!


Xylanthius wrote

Oh, my.... I never thought of using THOSE kinds of sprouts on sandwiches!

I was just thinking of alfalfa sprouts! :-)

What a good idea!!!

I love vegan food. It's so creative.

Sometimes I make a lot of beans in a crock pot. Then after that I will put them in the food processor with other veggies and spices, and then I form them into balls and put them in a toaster oven. Sometimes I put them in the freezer for later, and when I'm ready to eat them I put them in the toaster before I eat them. I could form them into patties if I wanted to for sandwiches instead. Sometimes I wrap them in some leaves, and put hummus on them and eat them like a wrap with tomatoes.