I think it's weird to frame this as an 'alternative lifestyle'

Submitted by Tequila_Wolf in VanDwellers (edited )

Wording is real weird here. Like, is homelessness an 'alternative lifestyle' or is it something you do because your options are so limited? Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong here. (Obviously there will be people who actually like this enough that it is their preference over many other options, but...) Somebody whose brain is working better right now please feel free to flesh out my intuition here.

That said, this is an interesting topic and I wish the forum well.



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Cosmicsloth42 wrote (edited )

Most people who are Van Dwellers are by choice, of course there are those who are forced into it by circumstances but there is large community who prefers to live in one instead of a typical apartment.

Think of it as an extension of the tiny home/minimalism movement. As well many members of the Climbing, Trail Running, and Surfing community Vandwell as a way to "dirtbag" and follow the seasons. Some people like to live in small enclosed spaces.If you would like to learn more about the lifestyle I would recommend Reddit's Vandweller community to learn more.


Tequila_Wolf OP wrote

Thanks for the heads up - it must just have been my ignorance then! We don't have van dwellers like that where I live, so far as I am aware.


Cosmicsloth42 wrote

All good man, a lot of people are in the dark about this community. Can't blame someone for what they don't know.