This is a >16 space. Deal with it.

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I am not senile and I am not going crazy: the TOS plainly states that you need to be over the age of 16 to open an account here so the only reason I cuss like a sailor is because no kid of MINE would even think of violating that.

I wasn't prepared for the GDPR so it's not my kid's fault he says "I was GDPR'd" when the TOS changed, it's mine.

Pot kettle black. I say it's not the child celebrity's fault all the time. I say it's the parents who should have the sense not to open Facebook accounts for their newborns when the TOS clearly states that it's a >13 space and that it's because of some watered down USian version of the GDPR. I can't have it both ways just because I'm the one who fucked up this time.

I would also expect anyone under the age of 16 who wanted to open an account badly enough to even find this place to already know why they can't: because falsely accusing your big bro of being a pedo is such a cliche that it is just plain bad security culture to have mixed aged spaces for certain sensitive topics.


Of course I'm not going to say "but it's nothing personal". It's very personal to anyone who might be reading this if they are fifteen years eleven months three weeks and six days old.

Call me out my insensitive ageism and archaic use of language on your birthday when I can welcome you here properly while I apologize and ask questions, 'kay?


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