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lettuceLeafer wrote

If it makes u feel better the city has decided they are appalled that on the street filled with abandonded buildings that I have a house with boarded up windows, broken gutters and a concrete porch with cracks in it. So in about 5 months they are going to start finding me shit tons of money and I"m so busy I havn't had time to do my plan to avoid paying all that shit. So we both can have the nagging annoyance of having money tried to get shaken out of us in the near future together. Maybe we can avoid thinking about it together too lol.


tuesday OP wrote

I have a friend in KC who got a land bank house too and it's been a fucking nightmare for x, like the amount of ways they fuck with x is really frustrating, like things that were wrong with the property, that were the fault of the city were somehow x's responsibility to repair, even though x literally cannot because it involves doing things with city property (like the plumping going out to the sewage line).