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tuesday OP wrote

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I gambled and ignored my hospital bill (as I have every other medical bill I've been sent in my life - my credit score is like 7 lol) and rather than send me to collections they decided to sue. it was bound to happen eventually I guess.


fortmis wrote

ayeeeee that hurts. what are your options?


tuesday OP wrote (edited )

be enough of a Karen and leverage my knowledge of legal procedures to hopefully make it too annoying to actually bother with the suit.

or suck it up and let the hospital garnish up to 25% of any paychecks I may get to pay off the principal and all interest that accrues in the interim.


fortmis wrote

never thought i would say this but.... may your inner karen prevail!!!!!! team karen!


fortmis wrote

wish i was a hacker so i could just erase this kind of thing from tHe SyStEmS. bureaucracy is so entangled with computers and so laden with B.S., i doubt anyone would notice if it just disappeared....


asterism wrote

Reminds me of this stand up bit. Maybe it will give you a laugh.


tuesday OP wrote

ahaha this is good. that's basically the way I've been living my life.

though I will say that being served papers depends on the state you live in. in my state you can do a post and tack service which just means they can leave the summons at your legal address or at your place of work.