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guess who got served and has to try to figure out how to get a hospital to not sue them for 10k. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah\ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

kill me.



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Haruki wrote

civ can't end fast enough


kinshavo wrote

Dang, hope you can dodge this somehow


ziq wrote

Oh no :(


fortifiedmischief wrote

:O ! What happened?


tuesday OP wrote

I gambled and ignored my hospital bill (as I have every other medical bill I've been sent in my life - my credit score is like 7 lol) and rather than send me to collections they decided to sue. it was bound to happen eventually I guess.


fortifiedmischief wrote

ayeeeee that hurts. what are your options?


tuesday OP wrote (edited )

be enough of a Karen and leverage my knowledge of legal procedures to hopefully make it too annoying to actually bother with the suit.

or suck it up and let the hospital garnish up to 25% of any paychecks I may get to pay off the principal and all interest that accrues in the interim.


fortifiedmischief wrote

wish i was a hacker so i could just erase this kind of thing from tHe SyStEmS. bureaucracy is so entangled with computers and so laden with B.S., i doubt anyone would notice if it just disappeared....


asterism wrote

Reminds me of this stand up bit. Maybe it will give you a laugh.


tuesday OP wrote

ahaha this is good. that's basically the way I've been living my life.

though I will say that being served papers depends on the state you live in. in my state you can do a post and tack service which just means they can leave the summons at your legal address or at your place of work.


bloodrose wrote

So I used to work in collections for a firm that did civil engineering. Basically, we built retaining walls for rich people with stock money building new homes. Rich people would frequently NOT pay if it was small enough for small claims court. Eventually, part of my collections duties was to take them to small claims court. They would never show up. The judge would rule in my favor. I'd leave and then call the client with my ruling. They still wouldn't pay. Because the next step is to go back to court to get approval to do things like involving collections agencies. We never went further in the collections process.

Now, the hospital might go further in the process, I don't know. But I thought I'd tell you what it looked like from the other side of the desk.

I have another debt story that may be relevant to your situation. I was renting a house without renter's insurance (because I didn't know it covered liability). There was a fire. The insurance company came after me for what is called a subrogation claim of $120k. They sold that immediately to a collections agency. I got a lawyer. The lawyer talked them down to $20k but then found out they bought the claim for $7k and decided to push them further. They didn't respond to the push. And then a year later, they contacted the lawyer, like "pay now." By then, I was pregnant. My lawyer was also a bankruptcy lawyer and he was like "i'm gonna tell 'em you'll go through bankruptcy now that you're pregnant and that'll get them down." He got them down to $10k. From $120k to $10k using a lawyer.

If you can, I'd get a lawyer. If you can't, and you decide to negotiate with the hospital DO NOT sign up for a credit card. Hospitals are starting to use credit cards instead of holding their patients' debt. The credit cards have AWFUL rates.


asterism wrote

and I was going to whine about overdraft fees today ... damn that sounds stressful.

Super curious how one gets sued by hospital ngl.

I hope you can find a not terrible resolution.


tuesday OP wrote

don't pay your bill. they have the option of selling your debt to a collection agency or to sue you in small claims. this time they decided to try to sue.


lettuceLeafer wrote

If it makes u feel better the city has decided they are appalled that on the street filled with abandonded buildings that I have a house with boarded up windows, broken gutters and a concrete porch with cracks in it. So in about 5 months they are going to start finding me shit tons of money and I"m so busy I havn't had time to do my plan to avoid paying all that shit. So we both can have the nagging annoyance of having money tried to get shaken out of us in the near future together. Maybe we can avoid thinking about it together too lol.


tuesday OP wrote

I have a friend in KC who got a land bank house too and it's been a fucking nightmare for x, like the amount of ways they fuck with x is really frustrating, like things that were wrong with the property, that were the fault of the city were somehow x's responsibility to repair, even though x literally cannot because it involves doing things with city property (like the plumping going out to the sewage line).


praxis_makes_perfect wrote

I have never paid a medical bill. Somehow nothing has yet happened but I’ve always wondered what could. Sorry you’re going through this. Literally, for the last 12 years, my (then new) family started accumulating bills, and right out of the gate it was like, “it’s literally impossible to repay this.” I wasn’t even particularly poorly paid at the time, but there’s no way I was paying a $3000 ambulance fee (an ambulance that the hospital mandated) instead of… um eating? I’ve never not been paycheck to paycheck so yeah, holy christ I’m in so much medical debt. Like, sorry for trying to stay alive in your capitalist prison of horrors beyond my comprehension. Trust me, we both wish I were dead.


tuesday OP wrote

it's a constant gamble.

I'm at least glad we've gotten rid of debtor's prison.