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__0 wrote

Captcha are often used to train a.i's sometimes there's a small amount allowed for false entries, if I can get a captcha wrong on purpose and still get into whatever service I will, I guess my idea is that I am in some way sabotaging the functionality of a neural net that will eventually be used for things I don't agree with.


black_fox OP wrote

huh, i didn’t know the part about false entries


lettuceLeafer wrote (edited )

What about tractors with a backhoe attachment?

Oh God I'm queering the tractor backhoe binary. Why did raddle make me like this?


fool wrote

I spent like 15 mins picking the wrong answers the other day... Eventually I had to give in, I really did want to book my vaccination.

Why would a robot even want a vaccine... Unless they're training an army of organic robots?


AnarchoDoom wrote

Unless they're training an army of organic robots?

Missed the "No wait..." part in the end.

Have a good one!


temtemy wrote

robots may be better than us at computing power, but one thing they will never get is our passive-aggressiveness


Zerush wrote (edited )

Re-captchas are the most obsolete that the web can offer and they serve Google more for its own purposes and to annoy the user. They do not serve at all to avoid bots. In fact I use an extension (a bot) that solves re Captcha (image and audio) with a simple click, better than myself.

The simplest and most effective way to avoid spambots is to simply wait half an hour or a little longer before sending the registration confirmation. A spambot always uses a disposable email that is not valid for more than a few minutes and therefore it will never receive the confirmation necessary to register. In some forums they do it in this way, with a very good result.