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We know the health benefit of lifting a good cheese, but it was found the ethical implication was far too great. With a t4rg3t store reporting a sensor in a cheese (link), the cheese lifting gone too far! so inovator come up with new strategies to combat it

on an evening in the southest part of New Raddle, the new emergence of a careful mango lifting event partook in the mango bay! it was nothing like the cheesey thing saw there by the locals on 5pm... reporting a frozen mango recipe that has appeared over the next few days was one of the key events!

and you know what they say? Freeze mango is like freeze peach, but better! the mango stealer admits, "Why are you reading this? This a waste of your time! No seriously do something else please lol" but the cheese stealer is always one step ahead "no fuck you /u/emoticons i do what I want with my time. Anarchy!" and is that not a hard argument?

Let's talk logistically, the newly lifted mango was the first to be frozen which giving a huge advantage to mango lifting groups all around the world. We are asking one of the main mango lifting group their sneaky tactic and they decline to comment (link)

the story is still updating, and we will post new update as they come...



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lettuceLeafer wrote

God damn it I said no ethics of mango stealing discourse.

Thats it I'm becoming an anarcho cop with an anarcho prison industrial complex to put anyone who mentions mango stealing.


emoticons OP wrote

you are stifling my right to freeze mango.

Thats it I'm becoming an anarcho freeze mango liberationist


lettuceLeafer wrote

That's it I'm sending the anarcho biddenist debate bros to debate u as punishment. The most horrifying thing that could happen to someone.


IForgotToSayGoodbye wrote

... note to self, buy lots of mango when cheap at end of season and turn into sorbet.

I was surprised how easy sorbet is to make. At most basic just puree and freeze.


throwaway wrote

Nice try, Big Cheese.

Mango isn't nearly smelly enough. Lift cheese, it's ez.