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86944 wrote

That's weird. Is it plastic?


Fool wrote

The plastic breaks down so you start getting more and more plastic in your water.

The general recommendation is about a year of use out of plastic. I think boiled water can affect this, but I don't know if that's just for soft plastics.

I think research is starting to show that plastic is really bad, and we shouldn't be drinking or eating out of it.


__0 wrote

It depends on the plastic, but yeah I'm admittedly a little skeptical of some studies that just assume that something is safe because it's only in rare cases that it could leach chems. I used to work at a place that would preheat Food safe/ microwave safe plastic for like 20-30 minutes in a microwave, I looked up if it was safe because I was kind of concered about what plastic being in contact with food at that kind of temperature could do, it just didn't seem right, especially considering that so many people are there like daily. I wondered if the exposure targets were set for eating food that had been resting against molten plastic 4-7 times a week is.