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subrosa wrote

youtube for anarchist stuff / episode length

There's not a whole lot of good anarchist content on youtube other than introductory stuff maybe, so I don't watch a whole lot of it. Optimal video length would mostly depend on format and presentation I guess. I remember 2-minute commentary from during the George Floyd riots, and that got the point accross very effectively. I also enjoyed their ~10 minute per video "What is..." series. But I certainly wouldn't mind 1-hour-or-more episodes, some topical deep-dives and conversations with some twists and turns.

A while back I had some plans about animating and visualizing the better part of Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs. That's the kind of stuff I imagine is easy to digest and can go on for a little longer. Somewhere between 2-minute commentary and 6-hour Deleuze lecture there's a sweet spot for any type of anarchist content. Idk if that's useful, lol.