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selver wrote

Been using elementary for a few weeks now and I'm really enjoying it. Best default terminal of any distro. I think the smoothest UI without having to tweak it.


alqm wrote (edited )

The Human Interface Guidelines elementary wrote creates a standard for creators of apps and graphics to follow, so everything created for it looks good in it. If you're tired of using the same old apps in every distro you try, elementary promotes entirely new apps created specifically for it, such as Melody, a music player "à la GNOME Music"; Torrential, a torrent client; Quilter, an alternative to FocusWriter; Notejot, an actual sticky note that is actively maintained; Image Writer, to burn .iso files to USB devices, inspired by Etcher. These are all created by indie devs using the pay-what-you-want platform.

10/10 on usability

If you could apply elementary's design theory on GNOME, it would beat the crap out of any major desktop OS out there, be it free or proprietary.

From the HIG:

Design is not just, like, your opinion, man. Design is testable. One design will meet a specific goal better than another design. Consider different types of bicycles. A folding bicycle has a different set of design goals than a mountain bicycle. Things like weight, size, and tire tread are important factors in helping the intended user reach their goals. Because we understand that design is about solving specific problems, we must also understand that we can objectively compare the effectiveness of two designs at solving those problems.