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In a month from now I'm heading to the Earth First Summer Gathering in the South-West from Wednesday on the 31st of August, til Monday on the 5th of September.

There'll be tons of people offering their first hand knowledge on current campaigns. Plus lots of skills to learn and friendly debates to be had.

I'd like to increase my foraging skills, learn about updates on the situation in Northern Syria, friendly debate the application of 'tekmil' and discuss with people my work in progress biography on Ted Kaczynski to learn about more ways to help prevent people from falling into apathy, misanthropy, fatalism, etc.

They let you know on the day a suggested donation between £0-50 for between a 1-5 days stay, in order break even on bringing in all the infrastructure and doing all the organizing before hand, then it's £0-10 for healthy breakfast lunch and dinner tickets every day, but you can always bring your own food.

Finally, there's always a wide range of people who show up, so please consider coming and it'll be nice to see people :)

Here's a short list of some of the workshops they have scheduled so far:

⦿ Intros

• Intro to Earth First

• Campaigns Round Up

⦿ Everyday Skills

• Plant Walk

• Trust Your Instincts Self-Defence, and Attacking the Threat

• Wildlife First Aid

⦿ Ecology

• Land Justice Network

• Revolutionary Ecology

• Total Liberation

⦿ International Solidarity

• Learning from the Kurdish Freedom Movement: Challenges of Individualism, Care and Autonomy

• Jin Jîyan Azadî – woman, life, freedom: Jineolojî and the Women’s Revolution

• Ecological Struggles in Kurdistan: Make Rojava Green Again and the Mesopotamian Ecology Movement

• 25 Years after the Zapatista Uprising

⦿ Coal

• Coal Mining in Germany

• Colonial Coal

• The Struggle Against Coal in the North East

⦿ Animal Liberation

• Learning from the past: some reflections on the animal liberation movement

• An introduction to hunt sabotage and the badger cull

• Animal Liberation Strategy

• Vegan Outreach to Animal Liberation

• Fascism and Anti-Fascism in Animal Liberation Movements

• Working Class Vegans

⦿ Civil Disobedience

• Aerial Blockading

• Lock on workshop

• Martial Arts for Peaceful Protestors: Self Defence

• Mass Action Vs Affinity Action

• Keeping Each Other Safe: A Talk About Security Culture and Affinity Group Tactics

• Direct Action Skills

• Fences: Over, Under, Through

• Lock Picking

• Night Navigation Game



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