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supernice wrote

I understood back out/back off, what I don't understand is why you assume I have no knowledge about Wahhabis and/or Syrians, considering you know nothing about me. Posting a couple of PDFs about Islam doesn't make you a scholar friend. I certainly don't claim to be one, do you? And besides, my comments in this thread are not about Islamic jurisprudence, I'm talking about the Wahabbi scum named Bilal Abul Kareem the linked article is about specifically. So perhaps stick to the topic if you have issue with what I say?

As far as a uniform Saudi brand of Islam, I never claimed all Saudis are Wahhabis, I said it's a Saudi brand. It was founded by a Saudi and is only dominant in Saudi Arabia. So it's Saudi. Obviously not all Saudi's are Wahabbis. Nonetheless, the dominant form of Islam (if you can even call it that) in Saudi Arabia is Wahabbism.

To your third point, I'm sure you are right. Although I've never seen any myself (thanks for the link btw), it would be foolish to think that every one in Saudi Arabia agrees with the Wahabbi view. By destructive, I mean a few things actually. For one, they are simply the modern day Khawarij, nothing new in Islamic history, just a new name for the same extremist beliefs. Second, they are intolerant, violent, oppressive, murderous, and vile...hence, destructive to the Islamic community as well as non-Muslims. Everywhere they have taken root has seen nothing but chaos and destruction, to the degree that the Sunni Islamic conference in Grozny that was held in 2016 made a public declaration that Wahabbis are NOT Sunnis.