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ergdj5 wrote

You see, here's the whole issue with that-

A woman, an elderly man and a 10-year-old girl happened to be there that day. They were all killed.

The U.S isn't discriminate.


supernice wrote (edited )

You are right. I only take issue with this man in the article being seen as some innocent journalist whilst his very presence is the reason these true innocents ended up dead. He has as little business being there as the US military. They came to conquer, and so did he and his cohorts. Neither of them have the interests of the local populace in mind (I mistakenly said he was an ISIS mouthpiece, but in fact his chosen side is Al-Qaeda. Either way, both are extremist shit and there is hardly a difference between them).

If he had any respect for the lives of these people, he would not put them in danger by inserting himself amongst them and being a mouthpiece for violent extremists. He should stay in New York and do his good deeds there. Surely there are some New Yorkers who need his help? But he's a coward, he'd never do that. It's far easier to take advantage of a people living in the chaos of war. He can sue to be taken off the kill list. Can the local people who may get killed in the process do the same?