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ziq wrote (edited )

Disposition Matrix.

Fuck me...

And of course they killed a bunch of random kids / old people while missing him.

How the fuck do USAmericans not permanently camp outside the pentagon and rage until they stop doing this shit in their name.

This is only even getting airtime because the guy is a US citizen. No one even makes note of it when they target everyone else they target.


ergdj5 wrote

USAmericans are incredibly compliant. Its depressing, I've not seen it in any other nation like this.


ziq wrote

And if he were on US soil, they'd just have a cop put a bullet in his head and say he was 'resisting'.


NeoliberalismKills wrote

This answers your question. Combined with having children to feed, healthcare tied to employment, being able to be fired for any reason and the worthlessness of legal protest (meaning you need to risk jail). I'm not excusing the utter lack of sincere action on this. This is just the facts on the ground. Hopefully the occupation of I.C.E SS facilities moves to other actions.