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NeoliberalismKills wrote

"I'd just like to see the Americans go home and quit fucking up other peoples lives."

Couldn't agree more.

And I wasn't trying to play devil's advocate. The article made it sound like he was just a reporter. And the US has a large and useless definition of terrorist. I was doing due diligence with someone who probably has access to sources less biased to me in the heart of the empire.


supernice wrote

No worries, I appreciate the article anyway as it's always good to read up. That's what I like about this place the most, all the info that I might miss. I just have to speak up when I see something I know is misleading, and it's not on you, it's the article writer. Journalists are partisans too. My only interest in saying what I said is for like minded people, like you and I, to have as much info as possible.