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AngryData wrote (edited )

Remington is going bankrupt because they got bought out by Capital group, they significantly lowered the build quality, and tried to ride on the name to make big profits. Now years later gun owners want nothing to do with a new remington productions because they are at best shitty and at worst potentially dangerous if their shit chinesium metal full of pits and holes explodes in your face.

Same thing with Kimberly 1911s. They use to be one of the best you can buy, tight tolerances that needed like 500 rounds to wear in but great. They got bought out like 10 or so years ago, now their 1911s have visual defects and flaws, like they didn't think people would take apart their super expensive gun in order to clean it and notice?


zombie_berkman wrote

literally have bought more guns in the year that trump is in office than i did when obama was