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red_pepper wrote

what blows my mind is that liberals think the appropriate response is to disarm themselves

reactionaries are preparing for a civil war! why are you taking a hacksaw to your ar-15???


zombie_berkman wrote

or its because i get what seems like monthly death threats on reddit, have people post "anti antifa" stickers around where i live, had a neonazi that bragged about shooting a woman in the face and handed out propaganda in the largest jewish community outside of nyc, had someone tag "white lives matter" around where i live, someone put "dont" on a churches black lives matter banner, etc.


____deleted____ wrote (edited )

Yeah; I have to agree with you. Not healthy to generalize like this. I'm still (legally) a white guy, and I'm clearly no reactionary.

Note that's only legally. She/her here, for clarification, in case of any replies.