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Chairman_Meh wrote

TL;DR, feel free to go pull the lever and get the sticker, but please avoid perpetuating the idea that we're doing anything more than taking some time to wander down and see how the old church hall, school gym, courthouse, etc is getting on.

Also most of the 'violent takeovers,' fascist in name or just in deed, historically did so in contravention of the local election results, didn't they?


zephyr wrote

i don't know the history of violent takeovers but it makes sense that if fascists won the election they would not have to engage in a violent takeover. hence violent takeovers would only occur when they lost. and if they lost and attempted a takeover, that would not necessarily mean they would succeed. historically how often has that happened? i'm not a historian and i don't know. but it seems much easier to come to power by being voted in than to have to resort to violence which would not necessarily succeed.