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lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Honestly I have so fucking little faith in this website that I think the only response I'll get is people badjacketing anarchist causes to help provide abortions as monsters brutalizing vulnerable women in need of abortions bc they are ignorant on how abortion works. Bc most people are allergic to actually putting some skin in the game.


Tecate_Coyote wrote

I appreciate you sharing this with us. I contend that importing over the border (state or country) would be safer than chemistry synthesis, although I am unaware of how difficult the synthesis would be.


lettuceLeafer OP wrote

Both those drug are almost always prescription only. And there are prob some countries where it isn't prescription or u can bribe pharmacists or doctors international drug trafficking is really expensive and difficult. Not to mention if u become an international drug smuggler u will make many dangerous enemies.

Chemistry is dangerous sure, if u are lazy and aren't anal about safety. Chemistry is dangerous when dipshits don't read and just do random shit. People who seriously academically train and don't do projects where they don't have proper safety equipment will be way way more safe.

Plus it's impossible to comment on how dangerous something is unless u do it. I mean many chemistry synthesis are as safe as baking soda vinegar but many are badly more dangerous. So u are just making stuff up if u don't know the synthesis.

And right now sythesis requires a decent amount of chemistry knowledge as they are fairly complex and u have to run of patents. But as I said there are many many ways to make a chemical and if it's to difficult it's not silly to atempt to make new sythesis.

And besides in danger if u don't wanna do it urself u do have to there are plenty of people more than willing to take that risk. So u can just help them by providing knowledge and doing research.