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lastfutures OP wrote (edited )

Wild pick. He's argued only young people should get the vaccine. Thank god we got the orange man out tho, right guys?

From twitter.


Vulgar_Soda wrote

Swapped one death cult for another (only this one has better pr).


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

Here I am pretending that I'm ok with my life choices, and this guy claims he knows what's a mùeaningful life!?


ChaosBomb wrote (edited )

Your life is not meaningful if you aren't spending a significant chunk of your time toiling.

This is why nihilism is catchy while utilitarianism is played out.

Okay, I'm doing more play than work. So? What's wrong with enjoying life, the fuck?


bloodrose wrote

Sounds a lot more fucking meaningful than my life right now. I count money for shareholders. The only thing in my life that is useful for the world is the time I spend playing with my daughter, trying to foster a loving, kind person.


Volt wrote

So this is the "far left".


lastfutures OP wrote (edited )

Most progressive presidential platform in history!


BridgeBum wrote

Biden is the far right of the left, not sure why anyone would think he is far left. I can't speak to the individual being quoted here, I don't know them.


videl wrote

this is like the opposite of that quote about hanging out in the woods and not working


lastfutures OP wrote

It's almost too on the nose that "play" is the word he uses to describe meaningless shit. It's like he picked up anti-work language and reversed the values.