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ziq OP wrote (edited )



Vulgar_Soda wrote

The people up top are all on the same team and not even pretending otherwise.

One of the reasons he has given aides is that he believes investigations would alienate the more than 73 million Americans who voted for Trump

Can't slap a bad guy's wrist because that would hurt the racists' feelings. Oh, boo hoo. Can't make nazis feel bad. Hold hands with them instead.

and keep dying.


SomeIconoclast wrote

Biden's idea of outreach was to get progressives, the youth, and minorities to vote for him was basically just him telling us to go fuck ourselves since the other choice was somehow worse. Which basically netted him a few white suburbanites for every worker and BIPOC lost as well as the votes progressives that don't get it by now.

Now he wants to make nice with people who despise him and would never willingly work with him (Not the republican officials, but their voterbase; the people that can't seem to see that this is all a farce), because democrats are hollow, empty shells that exist solely to give people the illusion of choice.

What a bleak, boring hellscape. Fucking hate it here.