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ruin wrote

Thank you! I live in the US and don’t care to hear about it either.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

I'm just gonna complain about the fact that I have had 66 different numbers text me about this election and that I can't wait for my phone's text alert to actually be something I don't instinctively ignore again.


Ennui wrote

I'm not gonna talk about the election, but I will use this opportunity to drop some philosophy I've been bullshitting into existence.

I like the idea of using agent-based psychology to achieve certain effects of morality within an amoral framework, simultaneously pushing it all under the banner of critical-self theory (or at least revised egoism). About a year ago, I wrote an essay on the nature of consent and shared it with some people. While I'm sure it suffers from some major flaw, it more or less accomplished the above.

Now though, I'm wondering how I might reframe virtue ethics within the context of my revised critical-self theory. Normal virtue ethics focuses on individual character, but the values are generally relative to the social context. A critical-self theory of virtue ethics has to have values that stem directly from individuals' immediate perceptions. Attending a lecture from my Uni gave me the idea to use epistemic vice in my theory since it can be construed in terms of a disservice to oneself, rather like self-deception.

Hence, I think that my next unpublished essay is going to be "A Critical-Self Theory of Epistemic Vice: Teaching Critical Social Justice to Egoists through Transvaluation." I might have to revise my earlier essay first, though, since I've learned some since then.


ziq wrote (edited )

he's so predictable, he's asking the supreme court to force an end to the counting just like everyone expected, and declaring victory while he's not even in the lead


ziq wrote

Uber and Lyft have won a major victory in their battle to continue classifying drivers as contractors, not employees, following the passage of a ballot measure that exempts them from a California labor law.

On Tuesday voters in California passed Proposition 22, the most expensive ballot-measure campaign in state history, which came to symbolize a bitter struggle over the future of the gig economy.

Roughly 58% of ballots were cast in favor, following one of the hardest fought – and most expensive – proposition battles in the state’s history. The measure was backed by some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful tech companies, including Uber, Lyft, Instacart and DoorDash, which spent upwards of $200m on the efforts.

direct democracy can rot in hell


kinshavo wrote

Why I am not seeing Vermin Supreme in the polls?


deadresonance wrote

This is very fucked up. Not going to lie. Simultaneously, in one state north of there, Oregon has passed ballot measures with 107 limit expenditures on political campaigning (directly addressing this issue), 109 legalize psylocibin and eliminate most criminal penalties involving psilocybin even in commercial trafficking cases and 110 decriminalize all common street drugs, ranging from MDMA to heroin and methamphetamine

So direct democracy, is honestly the best kind of democracy. If there's going to be a state, I want to exert power in it directly, at least in communities which share my values and desires for a less violent world.


OdiousOutlaw wrote

4Chan is apparently having a collective meltdown and, in keeping with horseshoe theory, giving libertarians shit for costing them their precious election by not following the party line.

Here's a Twitter thread [CW: Twitter & also 4chan]