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Catsforfun wrote (edited )

i dont think that comment is sexist. it seems like they are expressing that they wished they could find more patterns for masc clothes


Fossidarity OP wrote

Yeah you are right I misread that one, now that is read it again it's not sexist.


drfuzzyballs1996 wrote

I am flattered that someone cares about me this much but no I am not a troll just a down to earth anarchist with slightly different views on the social justice sphere of things. I'm not trying to piss people off like you think I am and what you referenced in the sewing instructions is just my honest gripes with the people who publish the instructions. I'm a 22 year old hetero man who sews and I'm kinda pissed that all the instructions are for women and children.


TheLegendaryBirdMonster wrote

As long as you follow the TOS and try to learn, the worts you'll get around here are downvotes. As you can imagine, we get quite a few altrights that pose as anarchists to concern troll so we're wary.